We recycle, refurbish, resell old hardware

We repair, recycle, refurbish hard drives, motherboards, pc peripherals, monitors, memory sticks, circuitboard components.

  • We identify old hardware model/serial/purpose.
  • We verify the hardware, in-circuit testing, tracing, signal testing, flying probe testing, functional testing, xray inspecting, burn-in testing
  • We use resource efficient open source operating systems to bring old hardware back to life.
  • After thorough testing and functionality verification we find a use for the old hardware or sell.

testing software and systems

Staying secure all starts with software research and system configurations.

  • Installing and configuring virutal and bare-metal testing environments.
  • Utilizing the latest security and networking tools and software.
  • Expert application of data from constant real-time security and error log data.
  • Sharing and accessing the latest open source and proprietary data.
  • Implementing the latest and tested methodologies. Staying in the know.
  • Educating small business owners on how to install, configure, and secure their own systems.

Hardware Reuse & Refurbishing

Buy and Sell Usefull Hardware

Instead of ending up in landfills and polluting the planet we make use and find homes for usefull old PCs and components.

Refurbish Old Hardware

We can refurbish almost anything PC related.

We Use the Latest Testing Methods

Ensure refurbished hardware is like new with the latest tools and methods.

Test Logs

We keep databases of all hardware and components to ensure refurbished hardware lasts.

IoT Security

IoT Cyber Security

One of the most attacked surfaces for small businesses are networked IoT device systems. We help you pentest and secure your unique IoT infrastructure.

Reverse OSINT for IoT

Managing what you want the open world to see and what you dont using the latest OSINT tools for IoT.

Testing Environments

Helping you set up professional penetration testing environments to perform enterprise level penetration testing on your own infrastructure.

Live Logging

We aggregate, process, analyze, and store security data in an actionable format from hundreds of machines.

Training Materials

We publish what we do and the latest cyber updates via electronic and print.

Face to Face Interaction

We demonstrate the latest cybersecurity for IoT practices to you face to face, person to person.

Start here

Offensive Coding

Use Python & Go For Security Automation and Log Threat Analysis

Kali Linux Tools

Start Implementing Security Practices Fast With The Latest Open Source Tools

Offensive Labs

Setup & Configure Virtual & Bare-Metal Environments The Pros Use

Defensive Logging

Learn The Core Of Secure & Vulnerable Systems

stay in the know

get the latest security practices updates via our blogs and email news

Learn From Us

IoT security
$50 / session

  1. Mastering IoT Frameworks
  2. Understanding IoT Vulnerabilities
  3. Cloud Systems
  4. Pentesting Your Live IoT
  5. Mastering Kali OS Tools

reverse osint for IoT
$100 / session

  1. Understanding OSINT
  2. Cybersecurity Attack Surfaces
  3. Mastering OSINT Tools
  4. Anti-OSINT Practices

system hardening
$150 / session

  1. Security Assesment
  2. Servers & Network
  3. Windows Business Systems
  4. Implementing Honeypots
  5. Pentesting
  6. Audit Reports

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